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My Personal Presentation

Hello, my name is

Angie Lizeth Rodriguez Tique

I was born in Hospital San Rafael Espinal-Tolima

Alive in the Tolima Spinal,my address is House 38 Block C the Ceiba

My Father is a driver

My mother is Sales Advisory

My brother is my friend

I have dogs as pets

My favorite food is lasagna

I am a cheerful, funny person and I like to annoy others.

I will study in the Sena Bogota

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I will study graphic design in college Seine.

My sport is basketball favorirto

My favorite team is The Boston Celtics, as a team is very

prominent and is from the Original Celtics franchise

My only phobia is Snakes,

My beautiful family

My closest friends

Departs at Ibague

Check out the orange

My mom is a person to admire, because many problems come out ahead

My great desire is to know Alaska